Baby cribs, designer cot beds. Conventional and modern, and when your baby outgrows their crib it transforms to something that the toddler will use too.

Bed Snow White

Bed Snow White

by BE

  • £650.00
  • Delivered within 4 weeks


The BE small bed, perfectly sized at 70 centimeters, is extremely adaptable and is intended to evolve with your child's changing needs. Designed with a curved base in order to be harmonious with the rest of the collection, the base of the bed can be vertically positioned to become a large bookcase as your child moves from bedtime to booktime.



  • The bed becomes a book shelve by turning the structure into an upright position.
  • Materials: Laquered MDF (medium density fiber), steel, ABS.
  • Dimensions bed: 80 * 157 * 58 cm
  • Dimensions book case: 76 * 156 * 23 cm
  • Mattress included.

Ships in 4 weeks.


Be Brand All Products This new brand creates a wonderful collection of furniture for babies and kids, which will perfectly fit in the contemporary house. The cradle becomes playtable for the little ones, the cot becomes your children desk once he/she will have grown up. Pile up boxes to make a wonderful chest of drawers to your level, add the BE changer to make it a diaper changing table. And use the BE Block as a nice storage space in the little one's room, unless you want to keep it in the entrance. BE is a collection of furniture with a nice mix of straight and rounded shapes, which will change and adapt to your growing child. All products are made in Spain, according to EU safety standards.