Once upon a time, a mummy and a daddy had three little girls. Mummy loved to go shopping and research the internet for the best toys and gear for her darlings, these would need to be educational as well as answer the problems faced everyday by parents and simplify life just a little :) Mummy also happened to be design conscious and even when buying toys and baby essentials for her little ones, wanted them to look nice, fit in with her interiors and at all costs, avoid clutter! That turned out to be quite a challenge and most high street shops did not meet these criteria. Anyways, shopping on the high street is time consuming and in most cases did not meet the attention allocated by her girls for this activity. Mummy and girlies much preferred spending this time going to fun places together. After discovering she was not the only one with that problem, it was time to resolve it.

Bebemoda was born. Bebemoda is geared for the modern and creative mum. Having children does not need to compromise ones passion for design. Bebemoda searches the world to bring you the coolest baby products. We research and test our products to meet high standards of quality. We spend a lot of time making our site as user friendly and easy to navigate. Most important to us is that you are HAPPY and enjoy your purchase with your precious ones. Just browse our products in the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you. The research has been done, the shipping is free. Now just enjoy!

See our new shop Rugs & Room. We have created it to inspire you on how you can make your home look beautiful with simple accessories